Stalia is such a married couple. Ok dont even touch me. Ok. Like, the fact hes actually looking for the desert wolf for her and actually wrote it on his board of mysteries makes me so happy. They are so in love and endgame. Please, goodbye.


Mellisa Mccall and sheriff Stilinski both ship Stalia!!!!

I don’t care if I reblogged this from a different post!


let’s talk about it

I don’t care.

malia & stiles on stiles’ their bed


My favourite things about 4x11 

Knowing that Malia slept over stiles house and her face when she flips him over

'i don't care'

Malia being proud of herself 

'I'll send you my notes'

and last of all, Lydia looking and being a complete badass

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"What are you doing I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet"

"I don’t care"

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